To ensure that culture occupies a central position socially, politically, and economically, Fundación Industrias Creativas undertakes the following

  • Research projects
  • Training programs
  • Professionalization and strengthening the corporate fabric
  • Transmission and dissemination of knowledge
  • Cultural and artistic activities
  • Support and advisory programs
  • Promoting and participating in national and international networks
  • Opportunities for internationalization
  • Fostering equal opportunity programs among men and women
  • Dissemination and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations for the 2030 Agenda


Young people from different countries come up with innovative solutions to the challenges faced by creative industries through entrepreneurial projects by working together in mixed groups.

In partnership with Mondragon Team Academy, Diversity 4 Equality and Last Tour. This project will be designed with bootcamps connected with BIME in Bilbao and in Bogota. A jury composed of investors and specialists in entrepreneurship and music will select the 3 finalists.


A process for listening and setting up an Open Innovation Platform for Cultural and Creative Industries in the Basque Country Autonomous Community

In partnership with Agirre Lehendakaria Center. It involves preparing a report after having heard the industry professionals and players in Basque Country to create a platform including the largest possible number of companies in the industry, as well as defining a portfolio of collaborative projects requiring Investment in the Cultural and Creative Industries in Basque Country.


The great meeting point of the music industry connecting Europe with Latin America

Music, training, new technologies, innovation, showcases, entrepreneurship, and internationalization. An important date in the calendar of all professionals and associations in the music industry and other cultural industries (audiovisual, performing arts, videogames, literature, etc.), as well as for the most promising emerging artists both national and international, giving them a platform to exhibit their talent in the most iconic concert venues in the city of Bilbao.

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The spirit of Bilbao BBK Live in the city

Hirian is an itinerant urban festival held every year as forerunner of the international Bilbao BBK Live. It started in 2017 and is held annually in a different neighborhood of the city, open to the public and welcoming all ages and cultures.